How Technology Can Help Your Open Enrollment

If you’re concerned about the best ways to communicate your company’s benefits to employees during the upcoming open enrollment season, we have good news. There are plenty of technology options that can help.

A 2016 report from ADP revealed nearly nine out of 10 businesses believe online access to benefits information is not only important but also cheaper than seminar-style communications. (1) Saving money and increasing convenience for your employees sounds like a win-win for your company.

As more HR leaders gravitate to the digital side of benefits, how is your organization responding? Here are some tips to consider in your search for digital solutions.

Keep These Employee Questions in Mind

There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to spread the news about open enrollment across your team’s screens. As CEO of YouDecide, Peter Marcia manages both work/life programs and group voluntary benefits for companies. He recently told the Society for Human Resource Management that employees have four main questions about benefits that can guide your company’s search for tech solutions:

  • Why do I need the coverage?
  • Which features fit my needs?
  • What value does the program provide?
  • How much is this going to cost me per paycheck? (2)

With those employee concerns in mind, you can choose tools that will quickly and conveniently communicate as much as possible to your employees about your offerings. Marcia recommends simple solutions like text messaging and social media “to provide reminders and support.”

“Find ways to simplify enrollment,” Marcia said. (3)

Some other options to consider for your company this season:

  • A single landing page for all enrollment applications—the fewer places they have to click, the better they’ll feel as they’re knocking items off their open enrollment to-do list.

  • Easy navigation between applications—this keeps the process clear for workers and can lead to greater engagement across your benefits.
  • Autofill fields—no one enjoys typing the same information multiple times in a row.

  • Short promotional videos on YouTube, Facebook, across company screens in offices or on time clocks—remember, you can never over-communicate the details of open enrollment.
  • Intranet postings and updates .

Use Tech to Understand How Benefits Are Helping Your Company and Your Workers

Clearly technology has the potential to boost your company’s communications efforts during open enrollment and throughout the business year. And helping your employees through benefits is great, but what’s even better is gaining insight into how (and how much) they’re progressing!

If you’re searching for a financial wellness benefit that maximizes technology and helps employees manage their money, there are several features you can’t afford to leave out: a high level of reporting detail that lets you see for yourself how much employees are engaging with the program, the tools that satisfy your employees’ desire for on-demand learning, and an interface that allows them to track their own progress.

Want to learn more about how to improve financial wellness at your organization? The first step is learning how your organization is doing! Take a look at the health of your company’s retirement plan here.

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