8 Steps to Strengthen Your Company Through Better Engagement

As important as profits are to the success of the company you work for, there’s another element that matters even more—the people you employ!

No company can succeed, or even survive, without the right people performing at the highest level of excellence. And the best work happens when those people are engaged in your company’s mission.

That’s why it’s essential to keep them motivated to produce the best results. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you get maximum engagement with employees and a healthier company over time.

1. Distinguish Engagement From Employee Satisfaction

Sure, you want a happy workforce—because disgruntled workers quickly disengage. But happiness can’t be the primary goal. The key is to tie engagement to high performance.

2. You’ll Never Engage Them Without Communication

If you want a company where work is fun and meaningful, one with high levels of engagement, you must build up a culture of clear and consistent communication.

3. Make it Personal

If you want to see a workforce so engaged that they buy into the company culture with all their heart and energy, it’s essential to show them you care about them personally. This is done in millions of ways from hiring to rewards and beyond. But it all begins with encouraging a culture where people matter most.

4. Engaging From the Top

The attitude and actions of company leaders are a big part of engaging employees. What gets said about your company’s culture isn’t nearly as important to your workers as how well your leaders live up to those values.

5. Promote Team Spirit

Enthusiastic leaders go a long way toward motivating your team, but eventually it’s up to your employees to dig in and get engaged. Fortunately, a positive spirit of motivation is contagious—and it quickly spreads all over a company when even a few people catch the vision.

6. Engage Them by Listening Well

Don’t assume all employees are vocal, or even quick to email leadership, about what they think of your business. Be proactive by asking everyone to fill out engagement surveys on a regular basis.

7. Cast the Vision for Everyone

A big part of engagement is the feeling that your company is winning. Go out of your way to spread good news about wins, where the company is heading, and how every employee fits into the momentum. When an organization is hitting its stride and everybody knows it, the whole team shares a sense of accomplishment.

8. Call Out Great Work

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. So give the people you employ what they want when they give you what you need! Look for ways to call attention to (and reward) employees who are pouring into your company and they will look for ways to keep up the good work.

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